5 Best Electric Roti Maker in India 2023

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Are you looking for roti maker, before buying this item read this post? This post is beneficial and knowledgable for you.

Many people who do not have time to make roti or don’t know how to make round chapati, because its need experience so this appliance will help you.

Few brands provide electric roti maker In India, Because it’s not that much successful. But if you need best roti/Chapati maker, that why I selected top 5 best roti makers at amazon.

Many people advise you the wrong product because of its high commission product.

If you go to search for electric roti maker items on Google, you will find many old posts of such websites which will suggest many types of roti makers, Item not available for purchase.

There will be many companies whose names you may have never even heard of, So before buying check the brand reliability and review of that product, if you like the product off course buy it.

Top 5 Most Reliable Roti Maker in India:-

1. BAJAJ VACCO®”Go-Ezzee” Roti/Chapati Maker:-



First appliance comes from bajaj, which most trusted and reliable brand in India.

This appliance is a 900-watt medium-sized roti maker which is available at Amazon, but again I tell you don’t expect much about this price range.

It has an automatic cut off feature and led light for indication when the light is off its mean the machine is ready to take a dough ball, and Controllable temperature.

The appliance body made with high-quality stainless steel. Teflon coated non-stick aluminium Tawa it has a heat resistant handle.

Main Specification-

  • BAJAJ VACCO Electricals over 60 years old National Company.
  • Tradition of High Quality and Un-conditional After Sales Services.
  • Automatic electric chapati/roti/khakra maker.
  • High quality components.
  • Ultra-safe with a shockproof body.
  • Heat resistant handles.
  • Automatic cut-off feature with indicator light.

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2. iBELL Non-stick Roti / chapati Maker:-

roti maker


Second appliance comes from iBell brand. If you need medium size roti maker, then this appliance is decent enough for daily use.

It has 27 cm diameter of chapati maker cooking, for better baking it has non-stick coating for better experience.

For temperature controlling comes with knob, it almost consumes 1500 watt electricity. Company claimes 1-year warranty on this product.

Main Specification:-

  • Makes perfect fluffy and big round Chappathi/Roti.
  • Now make Bigger Chapatis/Rotis with 27cm Dia Plate.
  • Advanced temperature control.
  • Power – 1500W.
  • Supply Cord wire length 1.5 meter.
  • Trendy Neon Light.
  • Easy clean chrome finish body.
  • Warranty :1 year standard warranty.

3. Saleshop365 Roti maker Khakhra maker:

roti maker


This appliance comes from sales shop company. Which comes with primary features like other roti maker, and this appliance is an average product.

Company don’t confirm any warranty. It has heat element both side with non-stick panel for making perfect roti.

Main Specification-

  • Stainless steel Outer Covers.
  • It rolls and cooks chapattis in less than a minute.
  • Heating Elements on both Top and Bottom Plates.
  • Double Coated Non-Stick Surface.

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4. DIVYA Roti Maker:-

electric roti maker


This item comes from Divya brand. It also has the same feature like other roti makers.

This roti maker consume power up to 1000 watt. It has a stainless steel body with non-stick coating in interior pates.

In this price range you get a decent item don’t expect experience.

Main Specification-

  • Power consumption- 1000 Watts.
  • Lustrous Stainless Steel Body.
  • Food Grade Non-Stick Coating.
  • High Performance, Longer Life.
  • Low Consumption of Electricity.

5. Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti and Khakra Maker:

electric roti maker


Last electric roti-maker comes from the prestige brand, which is popular in the Indian market for their product.

This item comes with a temperature control knob and high-quality stainless steel body. For heat resistance it has plastic handle, for indication it has two colour lights.

Green and red, red mean it is not ready and green means all set to take dough ball. It has granite coating both side in interior plates like Tawa has. In my opinion prestige is a great choice and reliable brand.

Main Specification-

  • Granite Non-stick Coating.
  • Curved Surface.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control Knob.
  • Power Indicators.
  • Great Design.

Tutorial Video:

Q.1 Is Roti Maker safe for health?

Ans Yes! Because the same process is done in roti making machine, just like we bake roti in tawa, similarly the machine bakes the roti instead of hand.

Q.2 Which brand is best for roti maker?

Ans In my opinion Prestige is better option for roti maker, for its brand reliability and service centre are available in many cities of India.

Q.3 Is it worth buying a roti maker?

Ans If you don’t know how to make roti properly, then this appliance is helpful for you. But only problem is electric roti maker is not fully automatic.

Q.4 Can we make paratha in roti maker?

Ans Yes! Why not? You can make paratha in electric roti maker. It consumes very less few drops of oil or ghee. Then you can make round paratha easily.