Portable BeatO Smartphone Glucometer- Honest Review-2023

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Hey, are you health concern then searching for the best Smartphone Glucometer which easily portable and handy product, to help you in travelling to check the sugar level in your health.

BeatO SMART Glucometer Review:-

beato glucometer

If you want to check the sugar level, then you have to go to the pathologist, who charges 100 every time you take the test.

But it became difficult to get out in this Corona period, so today I am reviewing BeatO smartphone Glucometer, which I am personally using for around 2 years.

Most people have diabetes in India or you can say every family has one member that has a diabetes problem.

Also, many peoples have diabetes but they don’t know until the sugar level goes high or low. When they get ill and check to the doctor and the doctor prescribed him tests and then found they have diabetes.

This post is special for diabetes peoples, apart from that. If you concern about your health, then don’t ignore sugar level, because according to the World Health Organization, 2% of all deaths in India are due to diabetes. 77 million people have diabetes in India.

How to check sugar level in Glucometer? (First Time)

  1. First of all open the test strip and lancet
  2. After opening Lancet needle fit in the lancet pen don’t push too much after pulling the pen ring from the back then it shows a red on the button.
  3. Pen has a dial to set according to the finger density, if your fingertip is hard then choose 2-3 if the skin is thin then 0-1 is enough.
  4. Download the Beato app from the play store.
  5. After all set, open the beatO app then fill al the correct detail and age so that your sugar level will show accuracy.
  6. Open the test strip and don’t touch the area where blood insert it will affect the reading only touch the paper side of the test strips.
  7. Insert test strip from lining side then insert the Beato gadget in the headphone jack.
  8. There are 2 types of Beato gadget type C curve or square standard headphone jack.
  9. Clean your finger and slowly click the pen button on your finger choose a soft fingertip.
  10. Put blood drop in the test strip and wait for 10 seconds and boom your sugar level appear.

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Key Features-

  • Compact, easy to carry and connects to your smartphone via the charging port.
  • Works with Android only.
  • Works with feature-rich BeatO App.
  • See trends and analysis through simple graphs to understand your body better.
  • Constant monitoring of your readings by our team of diabetes experts, who then guide you to better health choices.
  • Automatic alert system to keep important people informed when your reading is high or low. You can choose your family, doctor or friends or all via the BeatO app.
How often check the Sugar level in a month?

You can check blood sugar level weekly so that you can keep eye on sugar level and maintain and control it easily without any problem.

If you check once a month, then your sugar can either go to a very high or low level and you will know only when there is vertigo, which can affect your health.

Morning is the best time to check the sugar level because without brushing teeth checking the sugar level with a Beato shows accurate sugar level you can check sugar pre-lunch, post-lunch or after dinner but the best time is morning.


  • BeatO App gets too many updates soon. which most people get irritated easily.
  • Not available for iOS Apple Devices.
How long Lasting is BeatO glucometer?

Glucometer device age is around 2 years easily but you can’t change the Beato device battery. . If your device is not visible in the app, t is probably due to 1-2 years of use that this device battery has expired.