Best 10 Litres Water Heater in India

Do you keep staring at the bucket of cold water in the bathroom in winter like me? Or you looking for a Water heater for your house under budget then this list will help you.

Top 7 Best Water Heaters Review-

Water Heater:

1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater:-

The first product comes from the bajaj brand, It has a 10 litres capacity with a 4-star energy saving rating. If we talk about the energy consumption of a geyser, then it consumes 2000 watts at a time.

If your family has 5-6 members, then 10 litres will be enough because it heats more than a normal rod heater.

Main Features-

  • Capacity – 10 Litres;
  • Wattage – 2000 Watts;
  • Pressure – 8 Bars;
  • BEE Rating – 4 Star
  • Inner Tank Material: SS 304, Outer Body Material: CRCA
  • Warranty – 2 years on Product, 2 years on Heating Element, 5 years on Tank
  • Titanium Armor Technology Special inner tank coating for preventing corrosion and rusting
  • Swirl Flow Technology: Ensures 20% more hot water
  • Multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and overpressure
  • IPX4 waterproof technology for longer product life
crompton min

2. Crompton Amica Water Heater :-

This product comes from the Crompton Amica brand at a decent cost, it cost under 10,000 rupees which is affordable and, this geyser has 10 litres of maximum capacity.

If we talk about its electricity consumption, it depends on how much you use this appliance, and it consumes 2000 watts at a time. The water heater has all safety and basic features with rust protection. 

Main Features-

  • Product- Crompton’s energy-efficient storage water heater with fast heating.
  • Capacity- 10L with 5 star rating.
  • Power Consumption- Wattage: 2000 W Pressure- 8 bar.
  • 3 level safety- Capillary Thermostat, automatic thermal cut-out & multi-functional valve to provide higher safety.
  • Anti Rust- Fitted with specially designed magnesium anode which prevents corrosion due to hard water quality.
  • ISI marked nickel-coated special element to provide resistance against scale formation.
Water Heater:

3. V-Guard Divino Storage Vertical Water Heater:-

V Guard brand is also running in this water heater list. This geyser also has 10 litres maximum capacity under the 10000 budget.

If you need a trustable and reliable brand, then this will be a good option also. Moreover V Guard brand is an Indian Brand its headquarters in Kochi, Kerala.

Highly Energy Efficient with Extra Thick & High-Density CFC Free PUF Insulation for Maximum Heat Retention.

Advanced vitreous enamel coating protects the inner tank superior Incoloy 800 heating element ensures sustained performance extra-thick magnesium anode provides added protection.

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Main Features-

  • Water Capacity – 10 litres maximum.
  • 5 star BEE Rating.
  • Country of Origin- India.
  • Anti- corrosive & suitable for hard water usage.
  • Single Weld Line High Grade Mild Steel Tank.
  • Advanced Thermostat & Thermal Cut-out Mechanism for Dual Overheat Protection.
  • 5-in-1 Multi-function Safety Valve prevents excessive Pressure Build-up Vacuum Formation & Reverse Water Flow.
  • Multi-layer protection against Corrosion & Scaling.
  • Suitable for High Rise Buildings up to 35 floors and Pressure Pump Application.
  • Temperature Control Knob for adjusting the temperature from 25-75°C.
  • Stylish Twin LED Display Indicators for Power (Green) and Heating (Red) status.
  • Warranty- 2 Year on Product, 3 Year on Heating Element, 5 Year on Inner Tank.
racold min

4. Racold Eterno Pro Water heater:-

This water heater comes from the Racold Eterno brand. It cost under 9000, but the price fluctuates, although if you buy in the festive seasons you get many discount offers.

There are lots of brands in Indian markets who make water heaters, but the thing is you have to select, which is the best product according to your home. 

The Special Titanium enamelled heating element of this storage geyser gives better efficiency and strength. Eterno pro water heater has a special anode that performs an electrolytic process that protects the heating element from corrosion, thus greatly enhancing its life.

Racold is once again recognized as Superbrand in the Water Heating Category in 2022 also, the 10th time BEE Award Winner as a most energy-efficient appliance in the storage water heater in 2020.

Smart Mix- The special deflector causes slow mixing of cold and hot water in the tank keeping the water hot for a longer duration and reducing the need for frequent restarts. This helps save up to 40% electricity and gives you up to 10% more hot water.

Main Features:-

  • Capacity- 10 liters
  • Warranty- 2 years on product, 3 years on heating element and 7 years on tank.
  • Power consumption – 2000 watts.
  • Titanium Enameled Heating Element.
  • Smart Bath Logic: Your water heater has a special function which can save up to 30% electricity with intelligent functions that give you an option to choose from like bucket bath, shower bath etc.
  • SPHP: Eterno pro has a special unique polymer protective coating technology for inner container which helps resist corrosion caused by hard water, this in turn increases the health of your water heater.
  • High Pressure Resistance: Your water heater has high pressure withstanding capacity, which makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high pressure pump applications.
Water Heater:

5. Havells Monza EC 10 10-Litre Storage Water Heater with Flexi Pipe (Ivory)

This geyser comes from the Havells brand, which is popular in India. It has a 10 litres capacity with all basics features and consumes a max of 2000 watts of electricity at a time.

It also has 8 bar pressure with a 5-star BEE power rating, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has a grading system called energy efficiency ratio.

Adjustable knob for temperature settings between 25 degrees C to 75 degrees C to get the desired temperature. IPX-4 Protection for water spill protection, Manufacturer proving 7-year total warranty in product. 

The water heater comes along with a Flexi Pipe, which is made of stainless steel and this makes it super durable and long-lasting. The pipe is steel braided, it is suitable for both hot and cold purposes. The pipe has 8 Bar working pressure.

This geyser is made of ultra-thick superior steel, provides superior corrosion resistance & anti-rust properly resulting in longer life, Tough enough to withstand high-pressure rating (8 bars) ideal for high rise building.

The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements . The system uses special catalyst action to fight the corrosive elements which in turn prolongs the life of the water heater.

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The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements. The system uses special catalyst action to fight the corrosive elements, which in turn prolongs the life of the water heater.

BEE 5 Star ratings, CFC free thicker PUF insulation offers complete protection against radiant heat loss, reduces energy consumption and provides higher energy efficiency.

Main features-

  • Capacity: 10 Litres, Wattage: 2000 Watts, Pressure: 8 Bars, BEE Rating: 5 Star.
  • Waterproof Degree- IPX-4 Protection for longer product life.
  • Multi-function Safety Valve which protects Tank from Internal and External pressure build up.
  • Heating Element – Incoloy glass coated heating element offers superior heating performance with its excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperature setting and resists corrosion against extreme and hard water conditions.
  • Warranty: 7 years on inner container, 4 years on Heating Element, 2 years comprehensive warranty.
  • Whirlflow Technology – It avoids direct contact between cold & hot water flow for a faster heating and Optimized energy saving effecting 20% more hot water output.
Water Heater:

6. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES Water Heater :-

If you need a big size geyser or need to upgrade an old water heater, then this will be the best option for you.

Because it comes with 15 litres maximum capacity. AO Smith is a decent brand with its quality product This brand deal with water purifier and Geysers.

It cost you under 10,000 rupees, at this cost you get a glass-coated heating element with a 7-year warranty and 5-star energy efficiency.

Long-lasting Anode Rod a customised alloy that works even in hard water conditions to protect the tank and has 2X lifespan as compared to normal magnesium rod.

Main Features-

  • Capacity- 15 Litres
  • Wattage- 2000 Watts
  • Pressure- 8 Bars
  • BEE Rating- 5 Star;
  • Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank for 2X corrosion resistance
  • Inner Tank Material- Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank- 2X Corrosion Resistance
  • Outer Body Material- ABS
  • Glass- Coated Heating Element to prevent scale formation and extend the life of heating element
  • Warranty- 7 years on inner tank, 2+2* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element and 2 years comprehensive.
Water Heater:

7. Hindware Storage Water Heater:-

The last item comes from the Hindware brand with a decent budget water heater. It has a maximum of 10 litres capacity.

This geyser comes under 10000 rupees, which is a decent cost of a water heater. Tank is made from high-quality Stainless Steel of SS 304 grade.

Copper Sheathed Heating Element is the famed conductor of electricity. It has a superb ability to transfer heat from electricity to water.

The Manufacturer providing a 2-year warranty on the heating element, 5-year warranty on the tank.

Main Features-

  • Colour: White
  • Acero Neo
  • ISI Certified
  • Class 1 Working Pressure
  • Copper Sheathed Heating Element
  • SS 304 Tank
  • Comprehensive Warranty 2 year.
  • Superior Safety
  • Capacity: 10 L


There are lots of Variety in the market for buying a water heater it depends upon you which is best for you, which is perfect for your house. We can only suggest you we can’t force you to buy a particular option you have to choose in our list which brand and capacity suits you. All are best in their prices.

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