Top 5 Best Cast Iron Tawa in India Review- 2023

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There are a lot’s of Tawas like- dosa tawa, cast iron tawa and frying pan are available in the market. but if you are especially looking for cast-iron tawa for making crispy dosas or nan then these tawas are best for you under 2000 rupees in India latest 2023

Frying pans are not suitable for dosa basically, but in frying things like any oily dishes, then frying pans are best.

If you are looking for making drying dishes or less oily, then tawa or cast-iron tawas are best.

Because in this item you can make 100% real dosas like in hotels or restaurants iron tawa also helps to increase iron level in the body if you make roti in this Tawas.

Best Cast Iron Tawas Review-

Cast Iron
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1. Rock Cast Iron Dosa Tawa Pre-Seasoned:-

This Cast-iron Dosa tawa comes from a Rock brand with a decent cost. If you need a budget tawa for daily use, then this is a good option for you.

This Tawa size is also the same-14 inches as pre-seasoned cast and, it uses less oil you can prepare egg omelette, crispy dosa, nan and many more.

You can use this Tawa in induction and gas stoves. It has double handle for better gripping when dosa making.

Main Features-

  • Ideal for cutting down on oil and butter use
  • Use on gas, electric or induction stovetops
  • Increases iron content of food
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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Cast Iron

2. Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa 26 cm:-

This Tawa is from the Meyer brand with a little bit expensive side. If you need a heavy quality casted iron Tawa under-2000, then this is the best option for your kitchen.

This Tawa has a pre-seasoned cast and single handle with heat resistant canvas for better griping. You can regular seasoning creates a chemical-free natural non-stick surface for low oil cooking.

This iron Tawa is a suitable induction stove as well as a gas stove.

Main Features-

  • Totally Toxin-free- No enamel, No chemical coating on inner or outer surface.
  • Pre-seasoned with 100% Vegetable oil
  • Uni-body ‘one-piece’ design – free of any screws or weld joints
  • High-quality cast material heats quickly, evenly and retains heat longer.
  • Adds a strong authentic Indian flavor to your preparations
  • Suitable for all cooktops including Induction.
  • Comes with a canvas grip for easy handling
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Life time warranty
Cast Iron

3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

This product comes from the amazon Solimo brand at a decent cost. It has the best quality cast-iron Tawa for making egg omelette, crispy dosa or regular roti.

This Tawa size is 12 inches with a 3Kgs heavyweight material. It is a season pre-seasoned cast so you can use this in induction stove also this is a budget-friendly item.

Main Features-

  • Cast-iron tawa is ideal for preparing delicious crispy dosa, set dosa, chapati, phulka and paratha
  • Dimensions: Length: 36 cm, Breadth: 30 cm, Height: 1 cm.
  • Heavy duty tawa for optimal heat retention and even heating.
  • With proper seasoning, it gets better with every use for cooking.
  • To clean the tawa, wash by hand only; not dishwasher safe.
  • Use heat-resistant silicone, plastic or wooden spatula/spoon only.
  • Avoid metal spoon/spatula.
  • The tawa is also suitable for use on Induction cooktops
  • Caution: Please use mittens/cotton cloth to touch the cookware while on fire

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k min

4. DYNAMIC cookware’s Cast-Iron Dosa Tawa:-

This Cast iron Tawa comes from Dyanamic cookware. 11 inches in size with a pre-seasoned glossy finish for non-stickiness.

It has a Kadai style dual handle for better grips and looks. In this Tawa, you can make types of dishes on a casted iron pan, or you can use this for chapati making.

This Tawa is suitable for and gas stove as well as electric induction.

Main Features-

  • Flat iron pan 11 inch tawa
  • Naturally non-stick and Induction Compatible.
  • Features thick base for slow and evenly cooked iron rich crisp dosas, fluffy rotis and even melt in your mouth pizzas.
  • Satin smooth glossy cooking surface for easy release of dosas.
  • Ergonomically designed dual handle for comfy grip.
  • Pre-seasoned naturally with organic cold-pressed gingelly oil.
  • NO chemicals used.

5. Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Pre Seasoned Dosa Tawa:-

The last product comes from the Bhagya brand at a decent cost, and it is 12 inches in size for daily use.

You can prepare many types of dishes like dosa pulka omelette and many more. Many peoples have iron deficiency in the body, so it can maintain your iron level in the body you can easily use it for daily purposes.

This is pre-seasoned Tawa without any chemicals, also you can maintaining the seasoning by using ginger oil or ordinary oil after every use. An induction stove is also capable in this Tawa.

Main Features-

  • Crispy Dosas and Uthappams Rich With Iron Content
  • The Bhagya Iron Dosa tawa is Pre-Seasoned Naturally with Gingely oil, No Chemicals Used
  • Though Pre-Seasoned we recommend you season it once again before your first use.
  • Seasoning and Maintenance instructions are clearly detailed in Instruction Manual
  • Cook on Gas, Electric and Induction Stoves
  • Comes with a one year Warranty.

What is pre seasoned cast-iron?

Pre-seasoned means a coating of wax or vegetable oil has already apply to prevent the cookware usually cast-iron, from rusting while it sits on store shelves or in the warehouse. You can also season without any issue after usage washed the tawa properly, then use any cooking oil and apply it on the tawa.

How do you season a cast-iron Tawa?

People also ask:-

Q.1 Is cast-iron tawa good for health?

Ans- Yes! Cast-Iron is good for health it helps to increase iron in the body. If your body has iron deficiency, then it will help to boost.

Q.2 What can you not cook in cast-iron?

Ans Don’t Cook Acidic Foods in Cast-Iron Pans.
Be Aware that a Cast-Iron surface takes on flavours.
Don’t Cook Delicate Fish In Cast-Iron.
Before making anything Tawa is well-seasoned, avoid sticky foods.
And, whatever you cook, avoid storing food in Your cast-iron Pan

Q.3 Can you cook eggs in cast-iron?

Ans Yes of course you can make egg omelet in tawa, and tawa makes egg even more delicious.