Best Hand Mixers in India Review- (2023)

There ate lots of variety and brands in the hand mixers, In hand Blenders or hand mixers have different powers and sizes.

For making our life convenient, we do so many things. But when the kitchen turn, we don’t do anything, so that’s why today we will talk about hand mixers.

And in this post, you will know about the 7-best hand mixers in India. Hand blenders are very helpful equipment for daily uses hand mixers can help for making recipes easy.

There are lots of variety in online and offline markets. You have to choose which is best which hand mixers are suitable for you. In this post, you get budget-friendly hand mixers.

-:Top 7 Hand Mixers in India:-

Hand Mixers

1. Philips Hand Mixer:-

First Hand Mixers comes from the Most-popular brand in India is Philips. Philips brand is very familiar in the market. All Indian trust this brand,

This item has a 300-Watt power capacity with 5-speeds plus turbo for a variety of recipes. It has 4-different different hooks for mixing.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for any issues. It has a black plastic body with a premium look. If we talk about price then, it comes under 2000-2500, not fixed price it fluctuates from time to time.

Main Features-

  • Model- Philips HR3705/10
  • Power- 300 watts
  • Operating voltage- 220-240 volts
  • 1.2m cord for longer reach
  • Includes- Hand mixers, Stainless steel dough hooks and Stainless steel strip beaters.
  • Warranty- 2 year warranty
Hand Mixers

2. Inalsa Hand Mixer:-

Many consumers are searching for a hand mixers under 1000-1200 rupees which is a decent amount for a hand mixers.

If you are one of them, then this Inalsa brand product is also the best option for them, because it comes with a 1-year warranty and 250-watt max power output which is enough for daily or occasional usage.

The mixer has a powerful motor that provides powerful processing. With 7-Speed control settings, we can easily switch according to ingredients.

In-Built Eject Knob Feature helps you to remove attachments without a hitch. Its compact design & slim grip makes our hand mixers machine easy to hold and manoeuvre in a mixing bowl or large cup.

Main Features-

  • Powerful 250 Watt Motor
  • Energy saving.
  • Body Material- ABS Plastic
  • Cord Plug / Length- 2 Pins with 1 meter length
  • Attachments for all your cooking tasks: Beat, Mix, Whisk, Blend, Mash with Quality stainless-steel attachments. 2 Detachable Beaters & Whisker/Dough Hooks that will take care of your meal preparation.
  • Now making doughs & batters is quite an easy task.
  • Variable 7 Speed Control
  • Handy & Convenient.
  • Supply 220 – 230V, AC
  • 1 Year warranty on product.

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Hand Mixers

3. Shree Mart Hand Mixers:-

This Hand mixers comes from the Shree mart brand at a decent cost. Its price range is around 500-600 rupees, which is very good for budget buyers.

If you are looking for a hand mixers for occasional use, then this is the best option for you. This hand mixers has 4-attachment pieces with a 260-watt max power capacity which is ok on this budget. 

High Speeds Combine ingredients at speed one for slowly stirring in chunky ingredients, speed four for mashing potatoes, speed seven for beating egg whites and whipping meringue.

Main Features-

  • Rated Power- 260 watt
  • Supply Voltage: 220-240V
  • Power Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ
  • Hand washing recommended.
  • Suitable for many foods, such as cakes, cookies, eggs, potatoes.
  • Easy to operate, clean with detachable and easily washable parts.
Hand Mixers

4. Kent Budget Hand Mixers :-

This item comes from the Kent brand. We all know about Kent because kent is famous for its water purifier mainly, But kent makes lots of kitchen products.

This item has 150W watt maximum power output, 150 watts is less power than other competitors brand products, but 150watt is decent for daily purposes.

The Kent hand mixers cost under 1500 rupees (Not Fixed). This item has 4-attachments and a stand, It cost decent and has sturdy build quality. If you want a hand blender for occasional usage, then this will be perfect for you.

The powerful 15W copper motor promises excellent performance. Copper is known for its low resistance and superior conductivity, thus keeping the motor cool during constant use.

Main Features-

  • Model- Kent 16050
  • 5 Speed Control
  • Power- 150 watt
  • Overheating Protection
  • Copper motor with multiple beaters
  • KENT Hand Blender 15W is an ideal kitchen appliance to meet your daily cooking needs.
  • Operating Voltage: 22 – 24 volts AC
Hand blender

5. PHILIPS Hand Blender:-

This item comes from the Philips brand, Which is a famous brand in India, the product of this brand is present in every Indian’s home.

Also, this item is handy, and it’s called a hand blender because it is very lightweight and easy to use. There is only a slight difference between a hand blender and hand mixers.

You will know in detail at the end of this post. This blender has 250-watt maximum output, this item has a rustproof metal rod for hot/cold blending.

The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on this product. If we talk about the price, its price is around 1500 rupees, which is acceptable according to the product, but its price keeps on fluctuating.

Main Features:-

  • Model- Philips HL1655/00
  • Steel Rod, Rust Proof metal rod for hot/cold blending.
  • The voltage is 230 volts and the RPM is 18000 rpm
  • Cord length- 1.2 meter
  • Power- 250 Watt maximum
  • 2 years Warranty.
  • 20 minutes blending of Hot & Cold Dishes
  • Removable blades for whisking & Whipping
  • Easy Clean, Wall bracket for easy storage
  • Easy Single trigger operation
  • Made in India

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Hand Mixers

6. Black & Decker Hand Mixers:-

Black decker also comes on this list because of its looks and build quality. Moreover, black decker is an international brand.

It has many appliances which are sold all over the world. Anyone who has used Black Decker items knows that Black Decker products are very good and long-lasting.

This Hand mixers has a 250-watt max power output with a black plastic body and two rotators. Although it has a 6-speed control system for better response, a warranty is not available on this product.

But the thing is, this item is expensive for the budget buyer. It almost cost around 6000 (Not Fixed). If you have a tight budget then this product is not for you.

Main Features-

  • Model- Black & Decker MX3200B
  • Power Output- 250 Watts Peak Power
  • Speed Control- 6 Speeds
  • Professional Attachments, Lightweight and Ergo dynamic Design
  • Bowl and Heel Rest
  • Traditional Storage Case
Hand Mixers

7. Bajaj Powerful Hand Mixers:-

The last item comes from Bajaj Brand, which is very popular in the Indian market for its best product under budget.

Bajaj makes most household items and appliances for the kitchen. This hand mixers comes with a 3-speed function button with multiple mixing attachments.

If we talk about its power consumption, Then it consumes very little power because it has 250 watts of max power. Moreover, its look is very premium and appealing with a plastic body. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on this product

Main Features-

  • Model- Bajaj HM-01
  • 3 speed control for superior beating experience.
  • Chrome plated dough, beater attachment.
  • Stylish design
  • Warranty- 2 years on product
  • Power: 250 watts.
  • Voltage: 230V, 50Hz

What is the difference between a Hand Mixers and a Hand Blender?

Both of the products are similar to each other they are not much different. They both are used for mixing and purring, but the hand mixer is used for little heavy usage. Both have the same work, but in looks and design, they both are different.

A hand blender is a lightweight appliance, which is doesn’t require any separate jar or pot you can directly immerse it in any dish.

Whether you need to puree a soup or whip up a quick salad dressing, mixing smoothies or mixing anything. The hand blender is the best device for you. This device also makes it easy for you to cook a variety of dishes like soups.

The hand mixers is for mixing cake batter and cookie dough, to whipping cream and beating egg whites for meringues hand mixers take up much less space than stand mixers.

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