Top 5 Best (OTG Oven) in India 2021 | Buying Guide

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If you are looking for a good OTG oven, then this post is especially for you. Nowadays microwave and OTG ovens era has come, you can saw a microwave oven in every kitchen.

OTGs have now become an essential part of the kitchen, so today we will go through the list of some of the best ovens that will be easily available in the Amazon.

Ovens come at many price points so we will go with the budget of minimum 10,000. Which come with value for money and better specification and quality, then let’s start: –

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List of Top 5 OTG Oven in India

1. Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Litre OTG:-

otg oven

Main specification-

  • Capacity: 22, Suitable for 4-5 people
  • Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting
  • Wattage: 1200W
  • Includes OTG, the Cooking tray, Wire grill cum barbeque tray, 4 Skewer rods, Tong for cooking tray, Crumb tray, Extra long rotisserie skewer rod with 2-forks, Tong for rotisserie


The name of “Bajaj” Company comes first in the list of OTG Ovens, as Bajaj is a trusted brand.

Bajaj 2200 TMSS 22-Lite OTG is an ideal appliance for your kitchen. Which fulfil every cooking need of Indian women’s, you can bake toast and grill the food according to the recipe.

The Special thing about this product of Bajaj is that it comes in glass lid and stainless steel body as well as it is lightweight. This OTG oven is best for 4-5 people family.

The Bajaj OTG comes with a barbeque grill on which you can roast the chicken easily. In this product, you can control Temperature.

2. Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill:-

otg oven price in india
Image Source: amazon

Main specification

  • Cooking capability: Baking, Grilling, toasting,
  • Timer with auto shut off
  • Rotisserie
  • Power consumption: 1200W
  • The thermostat monitors the temperature
  • Unique heating element design
  • The detachable crumb tray
  • Power Requirement 230V, 50 Hz


If you are searching for cheapest OTG ovens under 5000, Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre is the best option for you. For daily use, 16 litre is enough for 1 or 2 people.

This OTG oven weighs only 3 kg which is very light and easy to use. This item justifies its price and uses very less electricity. If you are a beginner in using ovens it better and also comes with a recipe book and manual.

3. MarQ by Flipkart 18-Litre 18L1200W4HL Oven Toaster Grill (OTG)

otg oevn

Main specification-

  • Capacity: 18 L
  • Power consumption: 1200 W
  • Auto Shut Off | Warming Function facility
  • Timer
  • See Through Door | Chamber Light | Heat Resistant Handle


This Oven comes from Marq by Flipkart company. It has advanced thermostat and good heat separation for better baking.

If you are searching for cheap OTGs it is a good option for you, 18 litre is a decent capacity for regular use. The Oven has an auto shut off of benefit for any emergency.

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It has four different types of mode for better cooking. OTG has stainless steel body frame. Talking about its power consumption, it uses up to 1200 watts of electricity which is very less.

And it easily fits in small kitchens of India. Because of the crumb tray, It is easy to clean. It has 250C degrees maximum heat that is enough.

4. Morphy Richards OTG Besta 18-Litre Oven Toaster Grill:-

otg oven

Main Features-

  • Motorized rotisserie
  • 60 minutes timer
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Temperature controller
  • Bake mode
  • Keep warm function
  • Capacity: Maximum 18 litres
  • Power consumption: 1400 watts


This item comes from Morphy Richards company. If you are searching best OTGs this product is best for you. This OTG has many special features like keep your food warm up to 2 hours and temperature control ability.

This company is also famous for OTG Ovens it has all feature like – removable tray, temperature control bake mode and timer.

You can buy from amazon and, it comes with a 2-year warranty that provided by brand. Can control the cooking temperature for all types of dishes. It easy to clean if you spill food in the tray because of the portable tray facility

5. Boss Desire Stainless Steel Oven Toaster Griller OTG:-

otg oven

Main specification-

  • Capacity – 30 Litres, Power Consumption – 230 VAC | 50 Hz | 1600W
  • Functions -Bake/Broil, Toast, Grilling, Rotisserie, Convection & Stay ON.
  • In this you get three oven rack with durable backing tray and wire rack.
  • The detachable crumb tray is available for cleaning in pieces and for ease of removal.
  • Soft rounded edges for safety. Single heat resistant glass.
  • Timer with automatic shut off for added safety.
  • Thermostat fully adjustable temperature control for various delicacies.


This OTG oven is the largest in our checklist it has 30 litres capacity of holding. This OTG comes with many features like three tray system, adjustable thermostat and stay or many more.

If you have a big family, this is good for your home, and it comes with a stainless steel body. Heat up to 200-degree max OTG uses minimal 1600W electricity and company says it heats very fast for quick baking.

In this Oven, you can cook all types of food like- cake, chicken roast and pizza etc. If you are searching a small budget OTG ovens, this is the best product for you.

Minimum capacity:-

OTG ovens come in many sizes and capacity. For medium families you need above 18 litres, I recommended you to choose always 15 litre Oven if you are single or dual person than select small OTGs otherwise you go with 15 litres or above.

Minimum Budget:-

The OTG cost is less than microwave ovens for many reasons. Better quality product cost higher but good OTGs are available under 3000 it pricing goes to above 15000.

If you are confused in pricing, go minimum 5000 to 8000 for a better quality product before buying always compare the product with others.

How to use OTG Oven?

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