What is Difference between OTG and Microwave Oven??

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Which is better OTG or microwave? There are many questions like this, you also confused and chasing the answer, Which is better for me OTG or microwave, which would I consider.

There are lots of the same features and difference and both are Value for money product on their price. if you have a low budget then you can choose OTG without any question, if have a budget of 8000 to 10,000, then go for a convection microwave oven.

Person to person depends and their budgets, some people have a low cost, and some have high, so the answer is here read the full post, then your doubt will be clear.

You can quickly decide the appliance according to your choice. If you find my post is helpful for you, then share with your friends, Facebook groups where you want.

It give me a motivation then I can produce a more knowledgable post for you.

Otg oven

What is OTG oven?

First of all, OTG full form is Oven Toaster Grill. OTG is the smaller version of the old-style oven.

It generates heat with coil or heating rod for cooking food item also it has a temperature control knob for controlling heat of oven.

There are latest-gen Ovens comes with fan and in rare has food rotator function which available in oven. This oven is simple mechanism not too complicated like a microwave oven.

In OTG-oven you can roast chicken, cake baking, toasting and grilling. This oven has 60-litres maximum capacity, which is more than a microwave.

microwave oven

What is Microwave oven?

Microwave oven is an upgraded version of OTG, Where the features of the oven ends, the microwave oven feature begins there.

It has reheating, food heating, steaming food, egg boiling, dinner cooking, defrosting, grilling, water boiling and many more.

Microwave oven has up to 40-litres maximum capacity. in microwave you can quickly heat food and easy to use. Microwave produces heat with an electron tube called a magnetron.

Convection Microwave oven vs Microwave oven:-

Most funny part is there is also a difference between Convection microwave and typical microwave.

Main difference is convection has unique feature is a fan, that continuously spread the hot air around the food for faster the cooking process at the low temperature.

In other hand standard microwave oven has missed this feature, which cause it longer the heating process.

Convection oven is far better than regular microwave, always chose a convection microwave other than simple microwave oven.

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Difference between OTG and microwave:-

The first difference between OTG and microwave is pricing, It starting price is 2500-7000 and the microwave starting price is 5000 – 28000.

OTG full form is Oven+Toaster+Grill you can understand by this 3 word you can bake cakes, roast the chicken and grills the vegetables and many more.

Microwave is an upgraded version of O.T.G-oven, If you want to reheat the food, then need to preheat the oven that will take 10-15 minute to heat the oven but in the microwave, it takes 5-7 minute for the same thing.

Microwave has rotating feature which reheat or cooks your food better because it properly cook your dishes every angle.

In the microwave, you get a digital display on the other hands it has a manual knob, OTG has an advantage in capacity the microwave oven has 32 litres of capacity and OTG has 52 litres of maximum space.

-:Short Table:-

ComparisonsOTGMicrowave Oven
PriceCheaper then MicrowaveMore Expensive
Best forRoasting Toasting BakingYou can make a variety of dishes
Power usageLower then microwaveMore then others
Auto FunctionNot availableAvailable in microwave oven
Heating processSlow in this types of ovenIt is faster than its competitor oven, but is slower than convection.
Heat distributionNot great but according to price is justifiedBest and faster then others and convection has specific fan for heat distribution
 Weight Light weight and compact size Heavy and big size and not much portable
OTG or Microwave convection which is better

OTG or Microwave convection which is better?

O.T.G is the cheapest oven available in the Indian market. It is tough to choose the right one because there are many types of Ovens available in markets.

It is easy to select oven according to your budget and price. If your price budget is under 3-5K (thousand), then the only option is to choose the best O.T.G-oven.

If your total-budget is high and want a microwave, then always select the convection microwave oven because it is 10 – times better and faster then regular microwave oven.

Including perform all of these functions of O.T.G along, with being able to reheat, cook and de-freeze, which this can’t do.

Should I buy an OTG or a Convection microwave oven?

(Difference between O.T.G and convection oven) If your usage is pretty less and don’t use frequently, then O.T.G oven is best for you. If you buy a microwave oven and rarely use it, then you will be wasting your money.

Also you will not feel value for money appliance. Your need is only for cake baking or roasting, then you don’t need a full microwave oven.

Also your budget is low, then go for an oven. You can read the full post doubt will be clear-

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O.T.G-ovens have a maximum capacity of 60 litres. On the other hand, microwave ovens have a total capacity of 35 litres.

O.T.G has the advantage of a large space, but it takes a lot of time to bake anything. Convection microwave oven is 10-times faster.

If the oven toaster grill takes 1 hour for baking cake, On the other side the microwave oven takes just half an hour for the same size cake.

Hindi Tutorial Video:-


Q. Is Cooking in OTG healthy?

Ans Yes!, it does not affect your food.

Q. Which type of microwave oven is best for home use?

Ans If you need for daily purpose, then the Convection microwave is much better and quicker for you.

Q Can we use steel in OTG Oven?

Ans Yes, you can use but avoid plastic or wooden, you can google microwave utensils.

Q. Is it worth buying a convection microwave?

Ans Depend upon your usage, if your running is high then go for Convection microwave.

Q. Can you cook a pizza in a convection microwave?

Ans Yes, Why Not? You can cook pizza whatever you want.