Don’t Buy Air Fryer || Top 5 Disadvantages of Air Fryer

(Disadvantages of air fryer) Often, when buying electric appliances, they do not research whether the product we are going to buy is right, or does the product justify its price,

So this post is for those who confused between an Air-fryer or OTG Oven or microwave oven. Because Airfryer and microwave oven comes in same price. Why not to buy Airfryer?

Worst things about Air Fryer:-

Air fryer

Top 5 Disadvantages of Air-Fryer:-

1. Air Fryer are more expensive than OTG oven:-

Yes, this fact is completely true! But the air-fryer is healthier then the OTG oven, if I talk about in ratio, then (18:20) difference in OTG and AirFryer because air-fryer uses less oil, compare to OTG oven.

Also you can know by its name Air-Fryer means frying something helping of (hot) air. that’s why the OTG oven is an alternative to the air-fryer.

Some air-fryer almost cost around a full-size convection microwave oven but the microwave is far better than the air-fryer, you can do a lot more things in an oven.

2. Second Disadvantage of Air fryer is Small in size:-

The Air fryer has a maximum capacity of 5 litres, but at the same price, the OTG oven has a capacity of 10 to 52 litres easily.

Air-fryer is best for only 2 people. Problems can arise when a guest comes to the house, but instead of having an OTG oven or microwave in place, your work can be made easier.

If you have an oven and need only an air-fryer, then it will fine for you. Taking the air-fryer in place of the oven is the wrong decision.

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3. Air Fryer have longer cooking times compared to Microwave oven:-

AirFryer took longer time than simple cooking in pan with oil. But the main difference is airfryer uses very less oil compared to the traditional pan, although not much difference in a microwave oven.

If you need to fast this process then preheat the fryer it takes less time. Cooking times also depend on air-fryer quality, if you have a cheap air-fryer then it was slower then other air fryer.

If you want better result then always chose a powerful air-fryer.

4. Most of the Air fryer are Noisy:-

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Air+fryer mean it uses air to fry, that’s mean it needs air for frying dishes so it sucks air from its ventilator to circulate the hot air in the fryer for frying dishes easily.

It makes noise like a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner depend upon its power and quality, although what temperature is set in the fryer.

But expensive airfryer also make noise which you can hear easily. If we compared it to a microwave oven then the oven wins because it is quieter then the air fryer, it uses an electron tube for heating and frying.

But the problem is when air fryer gets older, after many uses it creates loud noises, if the air-fryer is on in the kitchen you can’t hear of any phone or calling by someone.

5. Air Fryer Looks Odd and bulky:-

Many people don’t like air fryer looks because it looks like a coffee maker but mostly air-fryer design is same rounded and cylinder body shape.

It uses adequate space like an OTG oven But the fryer hight is more than the microwave oven but the difference is the oven looks simple rectangle shape.

6 Difficult to clean Air fryer:-

When I am researching about air fryer, then I found most of the peoples are facing the problem of cleaning the fryer because the shape of the air-fryer is very complicated and the mesh grill also get sticky and oily and not remove easily.

It also depend on air-fryer design and most of the are detachable but some of them are not detached, it fix with the body. Although the company providing detachable function in fryer for easy cleaning.

You will need to clean the entire fryer after each use, if you do not clean the air-fryer, the remaining food particles will continue burning and hard day by day. After some time the burning smell will start coming from the air fryer.

Benefits of Air fryer:-

  • Decreases of cholesterol in body
  • Reduce the risk of toxic acrylamide formation
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces of Disease
  • Air-fryers use less energy than a conventional oven
What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?
  • Chicken lollipops
  • French Fries, Onion rings
  • Pizza
  • Doughnuts
  • Fired Fish
  • Cheese sticks

Who Invented the Air Fryer:-

Philips marketing manager Fred van der Weij invented the Air fryer technology. The Airfryer was launched in September 2010 at the IFA and immediately attracted significant attention. Read Full Article- Click Here


Q.1 What country invented the Airfryer?

Ans when Philips debuted the Airfryer in Berlin.

Q.2 When was Airfryer invented?

Ans Air fryer First introduced in 2010.

Q.3 Is Airfryer safe?

Ans Yes Offcourse Air fryer is absolutely safe, An air fryer can reduce the amount of fat, calories, and potentially harmful compounds in your food.

Q.4 Is air fryer worth buying?

Ans An air fryer will be faster than otg oven cooking. Because of the quicker cooking time and the smaller size of an air fryer compared to your oven, it’s more energy efficient.

Q.5 Are air fryers loud?

Ans Unfortunately Yes! Airfryer is a little bit noisy like a humming sound comes from the air fryer.