Which is best Split AC vs Window AC Detail explained- 2023

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First of all, the Similar thing is both appliances work is producing Cooled Fresh Air. The main difference is the design and installation areas.

The choice between a Split and a Window AC depends upon primarily Three factors-

  1. The main thing is budget: If you have no shortage of money, then choose split AC, which most people do.
  2. Or are you looking for the answer to your question, that what you are going to buy, is it value for money?
  3. For the Knowledge or Cross Checking. 

What is Split AC?

split ac vs window ac

This AC is an upgraded version of the older ac with the best silent feature because of its advanced design.

Due to the separation of both AC units is the advantage that you can install the indoor cooling unit and the noise hot compressor unit outside.

Because two units are separated, they can be large or small, so you can easily connect two small indoor units with one larger outdoor compressor unit.

The (Split AC) air conditioner is best and suitable in the following situations-

If you have your own house and want an ac with an aesthetically and modern look, then a split ac is best for you because it hangs on any single wall where you want.

It does not require any vent for releasing the hot air. If you installed a window ac in your house, the window disrupts the views and not looks premium and feel unpleasant in your room right.

If you need a silent and cooled room when you are sleeping, then the split ac is best for you.

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Advantages of Split AC

  • It gives you more flexibility in designing your room.
  • It depends on the installation, and you can make it even more efficient.
  • They spread air better than window AC.
  • If you live with family and kids, it is always better as much as possible to settle for split AC.
  • You can install the outdoor unit anywhere outside as long as you have requirements for that.
  • Invertor split-ac are the most silent ac, but regular split AC are quieter than inverter window Ac.
  • Multiple split AC with a single big outdoor compressor is better for a big room or numerous rooms than multiple window AC or mixed window & split.
  • Most recommend split AC for more energy-efficient, but again this is subjective since window AC can be just as efficient as split AC besides depending on your room configuration, population, and the ventilation outside for the split outdoor unit/back of window AC.

Disadvantages of Split AC-

  • High maintenance cost, more difficult to clean, and more difficult to disassemble.
  • They are more expensive than the window AC, But they are getting cheaper nowadays you can easily buy cheap in amazon or Flipkart festival season.
  • Many people want to install their AC just in the middle or at the bottom level of the wall. With split AC, you can only put it at the higher level of the wall.
  • I do not recommend split AC for those who frequently move from a place to another.
  • Many people hate the fact that sometimes the AC pipe leaks and the air does not run well.

What is Window AC?

window ac vs split ac

Window ac is the most used and economical air conditioner system. It is a single unit, which installs in a window or an opening of a wall.

This ac is almost working the same as the air coolers works, but the difference is the air cooler does not release any types of hot air from the rear side because it does not have any compressor.

But the window-AC compressor rear side releases hot air outside, and the front side released cool air into the room. Windows AC has a size limitation and doesn’t go beyond 2 Ton capacity, As well as it is cheaper than the split ac.

The (Window AC) air conditioner is best and suitable in the following situations-

When you live in a rented house or live with 1-2 people in the room, Or frequently change your home.
The installation charges are very high in split ac if we compared it to window ac.

You have to make a vent (Hole) in the wall for the window AC installation later this is will be the best AC as this will not block the windows and sunlight.

The power consumption in split and window air conditioners is almost the same also depends on the energy rating. More tilted towards the window AC, and this should not be a deciding factor.

If we talk about the noise of the window AC, when approaching this, you can hear the humming sound. In my research, many people say that after the long term, the window ac sounds increases.

The window air conditioner makes more noise as compared to a split air conditioner. If noise is disturbing for your sleep, go for a split ac air conditioner.

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Advantages of Window AC

  • This type of ac is good for couples.
  • This Ac is easy to clean and maintain.
  • There are almost 0-3 chances of leakage within the room compared to split AC.
  • Window ac is easy to dismantle, especially if you are frequently transference.
  • They can be as efficient as split ACs especially if your window AC is inverter type and installed perfectly. Window AC is best for small rooms.
  • You can easily install it yourself if your flat has a balcony with a provided structural support for window AC.
  • They are best for solo adults living in homes or high rise flats as long as there are provisions in installing them.
  • Inverter Window-AC is a lot quieter than the usual regular AC with loud compressors. It depends on the fit, whether or not the hole fits well because if not installed properly, unwanted vibrations will occur.

Disadvantages of Window AC

  • Your landowner might not allow you to make a hole in their wall for any personal/structural reasons.
  • They are noisier, even the inverter type window-ac, although the inverter type window AC can produce vibration or noise that intolerable and almost unnoticeable compared to a normal window-ac.
  • Inverter window-ac just cost the same as split AC. If you live in a room without a hole/window and want to consider buying an inverter type AC, then go for split AC. Split type installation might just cost the same or even cheaper than putting a big hole on your wall.
  • Using multiple window-AC in various rooms is not a good idea. Split AC distributes air better, so if you have a big room or non-divided many rooms, do not use window-ac or even mixed split and window.
  • It has less flexibility when installing the unit anywhere around your room because window ac cannot use in rooms without any of its four walls exposed to the outside of the home/building.

Window AC vs Split AC Pros and Cons:-

-Window AC-

  • Easy installation
  • Economical price point.
  • Minimal regular maintenance.
  • Audible performance.
  • Security risk from the blocked window.
  • Restrictive installation.
  • Window AC units can be a security risk, especially if placed on ground level.
  • It is hard to direct where the water drains. .
  • Windows need to be properly sized to fit the AC unit, and have an electrical outlet in range.

-Split AC-

  • Energy-efficient cooling.
  • Quiet performance.
  • Slim and appealing aesthetics.
  • Split systems can provide heating as well as cooling.
  • A split system will cost you 30 to 40 percent more than a traditional air conditioning system,
  • A split system needs to be installed by a professionals.

It depends upon you which appliance is the perfect fitting for you. Both are better in their place, If we talk about the best, then I think Split AC Wins because the cost is high, but in the long term, it pays and justifies its price.

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Q.1 Does window AC consume more electricity than split AC?

Ans It depends upon you how you installed the window ac. If it fitted properly, then it almost 80% similar to split ac.

Q.2 Is inverter AC available in Window?

Ans- Yes of course, but hard to find in India, In foreign it is easily available.

Q.3 What is the difference between 3 star and 5 star AC?

Ans- Energy-efficient depends upon the star, If the star is more then it will be more power-efficient.

Q.4 Is 1 ton AC enough for what room size?

Ans- A 1 Ton should cool a very small room of about one hundred square feet ok even in a very hot climate if the room is properly insulated.

Q.5 Does window AC make noise?

Ans- Window air conditioner makes more noise as compared to split air conditioner.

Q.6 Should I buy 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC?

Ans- If you can increase the budget, then definitely go for 1.5-ton ac it will be the best.