Powerful and Worthy Symphony Wall Mounted Cooler Review-2023

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Are you searching for a cooler, for a small room and you don’t have much space. This cooler is best for you, because it doesn’t need a specific space in your room.

This symphony wall mounted cooler is uniquely design and look exact AC, which cost around 30-40K(thousand). But this Symphony cooler cost around 10-13K.

Symphony brand is only one in India, which makes this type of cooler.

Symphony wall mounted cooler:-

wall mounted cooler

TIP– Best for single person room air conditioner:-


Symphony wall mounted cooler get lot of features and functions. This cooler get 15 litres of maximum capacity. If the water tank of cooler is empty, then the alarm get ringing for alert.

This cooler comes with remote control. With which you can control the flow of air, automatic horizontal and vertical swing and 4-speed cooling.

A timer is also provided for auto- On/Off for up to 10 hours. This symphony cooler consumes only 255-watt electricity, which runs on operating cost of a fan. Symphony Company providing 1 year warranty on product.

Main Features:-

  • Large 15 litres of Capacity.
  • Ideal for room size up to 57cubic meters.
  • Automatic water filling with Magic Fill.
  • Intelligent remote with 10 hour timer.
  • Empty water-tank alarm.
  • 1 year warranty on product.
  • Powered by i-pure technology,
  • Power Consumption: 255 watt.
  • Also works on inverter power.
  • Silent/Turbo mode.
  • Electronic Humidity Control.
  • Auto clean function.
  • Consumes 255 watts* only.

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If you have a budget around 10-13K to spend in a cooler because typical cooler comes around 5K-7K approx.

Or you want a unique designed cooler for your room also your room has no space for standard cooler, then go for the symphony wall-mounted cooler. Because it looks good and it feel like AC.

Q.1 Is symphony an Indian company?

Ans Yes! Symphony is an Indian brand, manufacturing company located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, Indian.

Q.2 Can we use air cooler in closed room?

Ans No, proper ventilation is necessary for efficient cooling.

Q.3 Does air cooler consume more electricity than fan?

Ans Yes, but this air cooler not consume much electricity because the company claim it consumes power like a fan.

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